21. Jam Session: "Innovation for NPOs - storytelling, celebrations, provocation and engaging new communities" am 9.05.2017

Wir laden Sie herz­lich ein, mit Eugene Quinn, space and place bei der 21. NPO-Jam Session zu dem Thema: „"Inno­va­tion for NPOs - story­tel­ling, cele­bra­tions, provo­ca­tion and enga­ging new commu­nities" zu disku­tieren.
  • Dienstag, 9. Mai 2017

  • Beginn: 17.00 Uhr

  • Uhrzeit: 17.00-19.00 Uhr

  • Ort: Campus WU, Welt­han­dels­platz 1, 1020 Wien,

  • Galerie, LC Gebäude

Some ideas we will discuss, about space and place's work in Vienna ...
  • Using humour to make serious points.

  • Finding the right language to commu­ni­cate with your suppor­ters - to make know­ledge acces­sible is to make it demo­cratic.

  • Using story­tel­ling to commu­ni­cate more complex ideas to the media. Vision, opti­mism, hope and solu­ti­ons­-­fo­cused jour­na­lism, instead of cont­ri­bu­ting to the gloom. Poli­ti­cians rarely offer hope these days - which opens up a space for progres­sive NPOs to fill.

  • ... and much more!

Die Veran­stal­tung ist kostenlos und findet in engli­scher Sprache statt. Im Anschluss laden wir zu einem kleinen Buffet.


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