Jam Sessions

Eugene Quinn, TED Talk

21. Jam Session: "Inno­va­tion for NPOs - story­tel­ling, cele­bra­tions, provo­ca­tion and enga­ging new commu­nities" mit Eugene Quinn, space and place

Dienstag, 9. Mai 2017, Beginn: 17.00 Uhr
Uhrzeit: 17.00-19.00 Uhr
Ort: Campus WU, Welt­han­dels­platz 1, 1020 Wien, Galerie, LC Gebäude

Some ideas we will discuss, about space and place's work in Vienna ...

  • Using humour to make serious points.

  • Finding the right language to commu­ni­cate with your suppor­ters - to make know­ledge acces­sible is to make it demo­cratic.

  • Using story­tel­ling to commu­ni­cate more complex ideas to the media.

  • Vision, opti­mism, hope and solu­ti­ons­-­fo­cused jour­na­lism, instead of cont­ri­bu­ting to the gloom. Poli­ti­cians rarely offer hope these days - which opens up a space for progres­sive NPOs to fill.

  • Contac­ting jour­na­lists to create stories which are unique to their programme or news­paper, instead of press releases. Aiming to get into not just Oe1 or Stan­dard, but also Krone and Heute, because for us it is important to commu­ni­cate with all audi­ences. There­fore we create events not just in liberal spaces like magdas Hotel, but also in shop­ping centres, schools, Donau­in­sel­fest and street markets. We want to open up nuanced debates, and so prefer to create an event called Refu­gees Welcome?, instead of Refu­gees Welcome. That way, if you invite a rich mix of spea­kers, the press wll also attend.

  • To intro­duce elements of cool to the grey world of so many NPOs. Our website is colourful and our Face­book page inter­ac­tive. We take a cele­bra­tory approach to diver­sity, encou­ra­ging a sense of belonging which is good for mental health and commu­ni­ty­-buil­ding.

  • Working in an inter-­di­sci­pli­nary way, to reach varied audi­ences. We work comple­tely inter­di­sci­pli­nary, with other inte­res­ting groups around the city, to increase our reach and visi­bi­lity, but also to push our thin­king forward, about how we can be crea­tive, beyond boun­da­ries.

  • Stret­ching what a Verein is expected to do.

  • Using the oppor­tu­nity to do some city­-bran­ding.

  • Mixing up travel­lers with locals.

  • How social dining can trans­form the way Vienna is unders­tood.

Eugene Quinn

is a London-born, Vien­na-­based urba­nist and DJ. A foun­ding member of culture group space and place, he plays with the city, buil­ding social capital and sending out new poli­tical messages. Projects include #Howto­be­Au­s­trian for Oe1, magdas Social Dinners (where refu­gees dine with locals), Vienna Ugly tour, and the Vienna Coffee­house Conver­sa­tions. space and place’s work has been reported on in New York Times, Guar­dian, Die Zeit and Russian TV. Eugene walks an average 9km each day.

See more www.space­and­place.at 

Die Veran­stal­tung ist kostenlos und findet in engli­scher Sprache statt.

Im Anschluss laden wir zu einem kleinen Buffet.
Wir bitten um Anmel­dung bis 8. Mai 2017 bei Mag.a Anna Narloch-­Medek unter: anna.narloch-­me­de­k@wu.ac.at
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Was ist eine NPO-Jam Session?

Als "zwang­lose Zusam­men­kunft von Musi­kern" beschreibt der Duden eine "Jam Session". Das NPO-­Kom­pe­tenz­zen­trum leiht sich den Begriff und lädt ein zu einer NPO-Jam Session - sozu­sagen einer zwang­losen Zusam­men­kunft von NPO-In­ter­es­sierten. Jemand gibt ein Thema vor und andere stimmen ein - nicht zu formell, damit noch Raum für Krea­ti­vität und Impro­vi­sa­tion bleibt. Etwa 4x im Jahr wird zu unter­schied­li­chen Themen gejammt.

Wo finden NPO-Jam Sessions statt?

Gejammt wird an unter­schied­li­chen Orten, vorzugs­weise in NPOs, die Räum­lich­keiten zur Verfü­gung stellen. Wir laden Sie ein, NPO-­re­le­vante Themen und Instru­mente mit- und einzu­bringen, Manage­men­t-In­stru­mente zum Beispiel. Die NPO-Jam Session bietet eine Platt­from, Kunst­fer­tig­keiten zu präs­en­tieren und Erfah­rungen auszu­tau­schen.Wir freuen uns auf Ihr Kommen zu den NPO-Jam Sessions!