“Smart Segmentation”: Guest Speakers from marketmind (MSc Marketing)

How can marke­ters effec­tively use “smart segmen­ta­tion” tech­ni­ques to more effec­tively target and commu­ni­cate with their cust­omer segments? Daniel Winzer and Niko­laus Zottl from market­mind discussed this and related ques­tions with our new MSc Marke­ting cohort in the course of the Cust­o­m­er-­Centric Manage­ment class. Smart segmen­ta­tion, as put by market­mind, is posi­tioned in between mass marke­ting and hyper­per­so­na­liza­tion and always aims as better under­stan­ding WHAT and, even more criti­cally, WHY our cust­o­mers are doing what they are doing. Smart segmen­ta­tion starts with a segmen­ta­tion of the entire market, followed by segmen­ta­tion efforts of a firm’s exis­ting cust­o­mers with the help of primary market rese­arch based on a repre­sen­ta­tive cust­omer sample. Finally, predic­tive model­ling is then used to allo­cate all cust­o­mers in a firm’s data wareh­ouse to their specific segment. Based on this, cust­o­m­er-­centric manage­ment can be turned into prac­tice quite effec­tively, as was vividly illus­trated by successful use cases from swisscom, Austrian, IKEA, BAWAG PSK, durch­bli­cker, OMV, and Merkur.

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