Guest Speakers from Austrian Airlines (MSc Marketing): On Viennese Waltz and Marketing

What does Vien­nese Waltz has to do with Marke­ting? A lot, it appears, when it comes to Austrian Airlines. Think of your last boar­ding expe­ri­ence on an Austrian Airlines flight. Even if you are still in LA, once you hear the waltz on board you feel home (or already “there”, depen­ding on who you are)… These and other inte­res­ting marke­ting insights were shared by Austrian mana­gers Ali Farhat and Julian Fischer today in their guest lecture with the Cust­o­m­er-­Centric Manage­ment class (MSc Marke­ting). What makes the brand unique, how does Austrian see their cust­o­mers, how do they segment the market, how do they bring about inno­va­tion offline and online, and how do they face the chal­lenges of today’s airline industry? We thank the spea­kers for the vivid discus­sion they stimu­lated. We’ll think of them the next time we hear the waltz onboard, maybe in the bran­d-new “Premium Economy”.

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