International Karl Polanyi Society

Foun­da­tion of the Inter­na­tional Karl Polanyi Society - Vienna, May 8th, 2018

Karl Polanyi promoted an inte­grated analysis of complex, conflic­t-­laden pheno­mena that did not resort to dogma. Enga­ge­ment with and criti­cism of his concepts and predic­tions have inspired new rese­arch fields – be it in trans­for­ma­tion studies, socio­eco­no­mics or cultural poli­tical economy. The Inter­na­tional Karl Polanyi Society – founded May 8, 2018, in Vienna - will take up this intel­lec­tual legacy as well as the huge inter­na­tional inte­rest. It will aim at promo­ting and broa­de­ning the rese­arch inspired by Karl Polanyi to under­stand the contra­dic­tions inherent in contem­porary capi­ta­lism.

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