Travel scho­lar­ships are avail­able for early career scho­lars and PhD students inte­rested in parti­ci­pa­ting in the 2nd inter­na­tional work­shop on ownership, titled „On the Future of Ownership”. The work­shop will be held on July 7th ‐8th, 2017 in Vienna at WU Vienna Univer­sity of Econo­mics and Busi­ness. The work­shop brings toge­ther invited scho­lars repre­sen­ting several disci­plines concerned with ques­tions of ownership and its percep­tion. Confirmed parti­ci­pants and spea­kers include Ori Friedman, Joann Peck, John Pierce, Floyd Rudmin, Henry Smith and David Turk. The travel scho­lar­ships, generously funded by our spon­sors the “Society for the Advan­ce­ment of Beha­vioral Econo­mics” (SABE), the “Society for Consumer Psycho­logy” and the “Inter­na­tional Asso­cia­tion for Rese­arch in Economic Psycho­logy” will assist with travel­ling and accom­mo­da­tion costs for up to 700 $ depen­ding on travel distance.

Inte­rested early career rese­ar­chers and PhD students are invited to apply for the work­shop and travel scho­lar­ship by sending a short informal appli­ca­tion (300 words max) along with the CV. The appli­ca­tion should include a personal intro­duc­tion, rese­arch inte­rests and expe­ri­ence as well as a state­ment on how the appli­cant could benefit from the work­shop.

All appli­ca­tions will be considered on an ongoing basis with prio­rity given to those who fit the theme best and benefit from the work­shop the most. Appli­ca­tions should be sent to mcore@wu.ac.at til May 1st by latest.

Feel free to direct specific ques­tions to: Berna­dette.Kamleit­ner@wu.ac.at.