Univ. Prof. DDr. Bernadette Kamleitner

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E-Mail: bernadette.kamleitner@wu.ac.at

Tel.: +43 131336 4614


  • Consumer Psychology

  • Psychological Ownership

  • Consumers and Digitalization

  • Sensory Marketing

  • Financial Decisions and Mental Accounting

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Originalbeitrag in Fachzeitschrift

2019 Kamleitner, Bernadette, Thürridl, Carina, Martin, Brett A. S. 2019. A Cinderella Story: How Past Identity Salience Boosts Demand for Repurposed Products. Journal of Marketing. 83 (6), 76-92. Mehr erfahren
2019 Kamleitner, Bernadette, Ruzeviciute, Ruta, Biswas, Dipayan. 2019. Designed to S(m)ell: When Scented Advertising Induces Proximity and Enhances Appeal. Journal of Marketing Research (JMR). 57 (2), 315-331. Mehr erfahren
2018 Kamleitner, Bernadette, Mitchell, Vincent, Stephen, Andrew, Kolah, Ardi. 2018. Your Customers May Be the Weakest Link in Your Data Privacy Defenses. MIT Sloan Management Review. Mehr erfahren
2016 Thürridl, Carina, Kamleitner, Bernadette. 2016. What Goes Around Comes Around? Rewards as Strategic Assets in Crowdfunding. California Management Review 58 (2), 88-110. Mehr erfahren
2012 Kamleitner, Bernadette, Kirchler, E., Hoelzl, E. 2012. Credit use: Psychological perspectives on a multifaceted phenomenon. International Journal of Psychology 47 (1): 1-27. Mehr erfahren

Originalbeitrag in Buch (Sammelwerk)

2018 Kamleitner, Bernadette. 2018. Blurring Boundaries and the Erosion of Ownership. In: Chancen und Grenzen der Nachhaltigkeitstransformation, Hrsg. Luks, F. 109-130. Wiesbaden: Springer. Mehr erfahren
2018 Kamleitner, Bernadette, Mitchell, Vincent-Wayne. 2018. Can consumers experience ownership for their personal data? From issues of scope and invisibility to agents handling our digital blueprints. In: Psychological Ownership and Consumer Behavior, Hrsg. Joann Peck & Suzanne B. Shu, 91-118. Cham (CH): Springer. Mehr erfahren
2018 Süssenbach, Sophie, Kamleitner, Bernadette. 2018. Psychological ownership as a facilitator of sustainable behaviors. In: Psychological Ownership and Consumer Behavior, Hrsg. Joann Peck & Suzanne B. Shu, 227-238. Cham (CH): Springer. Mehr erfahren
2017 Kamleitner, Bernadette, Ruzeviciute, Ruta. 2017. Transactions as trade-offs between costs and benefits. In: Routledge International Handbook of Consumer Psychology, Hrsg. Cathrine V. Jansson-Boyd & Magdalena J. Zawisza, 411-428. New York: Routledge. Mehr erfahren