We are hiring: open position at Teaching and Research Associate (prae doc) level!

We are looking for support at Teaching and Research Associate (prae doc) level (30 hours per week). For further information regarding the position and the application process, please refer to our job…

Defensio Regis

Defensio Dissertationis of Renato Regis

In his dissertation, Renato Regis dealt with the topic of expressing gratitude. He investigated the effects that thanking intensely has on its receivers across different context, such as charitable…

Monika Koller presenting the specialization MCORE at ÖH's SBWL Messe

SBWL Messe

Monika Koller presented our SBWL at ÖH’s SBWL-Messe. We are already looking forward to your applications for the summer semester 2023. Further information about our specialization can be found on our…