We welcome a small number of PhD students, which we intensively support with ample guidance at every level of their academic development. In line with our strong research focus, we particularly welcome students with a strong interest in the key research areas of the institute. All PhD and Doctorate students are expected to contribute to the scientific community by delivering internationally competitive outputs, which enables them to pursue an international academic career should they wish to do so. The cardinal way of pursuing a PhD with us is within the remits of a position as research and teaching associates. We publicly advertise these positions as soon as they become available. For general information on pursuing a doctorate or PhD at WU see At the institute, Prof. Bernadette Kamleitner and PD Dr. Monika Koller, can act as PhD supervisors.

In addition, we offer PhD seminars that are open to all students at WU and beyond. We offer a continuous research seminar (docs@work) that provides guidance on contemporary consumer research and addresses students’ unique theoretical and methodological challenges. Approximately every 4 terms (next in Winter 2021/22) we also offer a methodological seminar on “Experiments in the Social Sciences” which equips students from different backgrounds with a sound grounding for how to conduct rigorous experiments.

Below you can find a list of current and recently finished PhD and doctoral students as well as their research topics:

The influence of built environments – on consumers‘ brand perception
Die Bedeutung von apparativen Verfahren für die Werbewirkung
Packaging: A Consumer Perspective
John PriceEffect of Psychological Ownership on Locavorism
Drivers of Donation Decisions
Susanne RuckelshausenEssays on sustainable consumption
Der Einfluss von nationalen und internationalen Celebrities auf die Einstellung von Marken in der Produktgruppe Kosmetik