m.core cont­ri­butes to the Doctoral and the PhD program for social sciences and econo­mics by regu­larly super­vi­sing students who are eager to undergo a post graduate educa­tion. We inten­si­vely support PhD and doctoral students by offe­ring a conti­nuous rese­arch seminar course in which we provide the oppor­tu­nity to get feed­back for every step of the disser­ta­tion process. Accepted students will be supported with ample guidance at every level of their skill and know­ledge acqui­si­tion.

In line with our strong rese­arch focus, we parti­cu­larly welcome students with a strong inte­rest in the key rese­arch areas of the insti­tute. Students are expected to be passio­nate about their topic and to devote a signi­fi­cant amount of time and energy into acqui­ring the skills and know­ledge necessary to complete an outstan­ding piece of work. All PhD and Docto­rate students are expected to cont­ri­bute to the scien­tific commu­nity by deli­vering inter­na­tio­nally compe­ti­tive outputs. We seek to enable students to pursue an inter­na­tional academic career should they wish to do so. Hence, the aim of a doctoral disser­ta­tion or PhD thesis is to produce work of a quality that can be published in inter­na­tio­nally reco­gnized academic jour­nals.

If you decide to enroll for WUs’ docto­rate or PhD program, you should consider that it will take you at least 6 semes­ters to complete it. However, we suggest to calcu­late your indi­vi­dual study dura­tion within a time­frame of 8 - 12 semes­ters, espe­cially when you are employed elsew­here. For more infor­ma­tion on pursuing a docto­rate or PhD at WU see https://www.wu.ac.at/studium/dokto­ra­t-phd/.

In case you would like to pursue your PhD or Docto­rate degree with us please address the desired super­visor directly with your CV along with at least a rudi­men­tary rese­arch proposal. Currently Prof. Berna­dette Kamleitner and PD Dr. Monika Koller can act as PhD super­visor. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Below you can find a list of current PhD and doctoral students as well as their rese­arch topics:

The influ­ence of built envi­ron­ments – on consu­mers‘ brand percep­tion
Die Bedeu­tung von appa­ra­tiven Verfahren für die Werbe­wir­kung
Food­sha­ring & Psycho­lo­gical Ownership
The psycho­lo­gical effects of packa­ging
Drivers of Dona­tion Deci­sions
Der Einfluss von natio­nalen und inter­na­tio­nalen Cele­bri­ties auf die Einstel­lung von Marken in der Produkt­gruppe Kosmetik
Selected Essays on Rewar­d-­Based Crowd­fun­ding