m.core High Potential Award

m.core High Potential Award

Since the winter term 2015/16, our institute grants the m.core High Potential Award with the collaboration of  well-known Austrian companies. The five best students get the chance to apply for a paid internship at a well-known Austrian company.

Requirements for participation can be found here.

Miriam Krusic, MSc (WU)

I had the honor of being nominated for the m.core High Potential Award in the winter term 2017/18, as I was one of the five students with the best results in Course 1 & 2 and the admission test. Thus, the Institute for Marketing & Consumer Research invited me to send my CV and cover letter to a well-known and highly successful company: Henkel CEE GmbH. We knew, that one of the five of us will be given the opportunity of undertaking a 6 months internship at Henkel CEE GmbH.

In the following, I was invited to two interviews at the company. The first interview had a special procedure: All five of us were able to have the first interview with an HR specialist, who usually only engages in interviews for permanent positions. Therefore, the interview was pretty challenging, however, it gave me a very good impression on how interviews are structured and take place. After the interview I was directly given feedback on how I was performing during the interview and what I could improve. Thus, this first step already provided me with lots of valuable learnings and insights. After passing the first interview I was invited to the department where the internship position was vacant and had the “classical” internship interview with a Senior Brand Manager. When I was told that I was chosen for the internship, I was extremely happy and had high expectations.

Looking back to the internship, I can tell that my expectations were exceeded by far as I was given responsibility from day one and could really learn a lot as my tasks were incredibly versatile and interesting. My main tasks were analyses of markets and competitors, preparing presentations, ordering of samples, conducting raffles, etc. Also, I felt part of the team from day one. I was working in a really young team with incredibly nice people, with whom I was even spending time outside the office.

I can only confirm that what you are learning during the 5 courses of the SBWL is incredibly valuable for your working life and will make it a lot easier to start a career in Marketing/Sales. I could really apply a lot of theoretical knowledge during my internship and gain further practical experience during the courses. Thus, for everyone who is interested in Marketing I can only recommend the SBWL. The SBWL even enhanced my interest in the Marketing area and opened up ambitious perspectives to me.

Now, 3 years after completing the SBWL, I completed my MSc Double Degree in Marketing at WU and Bocconi and just started my first job at Procter & Gamble in Switzerland as a Key Account Manager.