Writing your Bachelor's Thesis with us

We also supervise theses in the BBE program. If you are interested in one of our team members’ research foci (see here), please contact the respective person via e-mail!

We welcome students who want to write their bachelor’s thesis with us. The range of potential thesis projects spans from purely conceptual, to empirical and to collaboration projects with practitioners.

Open Topics for Bachelor’s Thesis

This list is updated regularly.

Available topics: We are currently supervising many of your colleagues. Unfortunately, there are no free capacities and topics at the moment. We will update the list as soon as new opportunities arise.

Students can also choose their own topic that’s not on the list if it matches with the research focus of the institute. More information on the faculty’s research can be found here.

Requirements for supervision

In case of multiple applications, students of our specialization will be favored in the application procedure.

Before starting with your bachelor thesis, we recommend that you successfully complete “Scientific Writing” (“Grundlagen wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens”).

Moreover, we advise starting your thesis only after successfully completing course 1.

How can you apply?

Please download the file “application form bachelor thesis (Bewerbungsformular Bachelorarbeit)” from our web site (see downloads), fill in the requested information and send it via email to mcore@wu.ac.at. We will discuss your application in the next faculty meeting. You will hear from us shortly afterwards.

In addition, there is always also the possibility to contact individual faculty members directly (via e-mail), if your ideas match with their respective research interests.

Please also refer to the Department of Marketing specific guideline for bachelor’s thesis here. (currently available only in german)

WU’s general information on writing your bachelor’s thesis can be found here.

Application form