Admission to specialization Marketing and Consumer Research

In our SBWL Marketing and Consumer Research, learning is based on a mix of insights from top-tier international research as well as discussions of current practical applications. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for students of our SBWL, to bring interest in both, academic research as well as translating those insights into practice. Moreover, we encourage our students to think critically. This enables every single student not only to benefit from the classroom content but also from fellow students. Admission to our SBWL is composed of three parts:

  • Success in your previous courses

  • A motivation letter

  • A literature-based discussion on current issues in marketing and consumer research

Part 1Success in your previous coursesWe will evaluate this based on your transcript of records.
Part 2Motivation letterGrades are very important but certainly not the only aspect to be considered, so we want to know more about your motivation for applying to Marketing and Consumer Research.Why are you interested to study at m.core and why should you be considered for one of the 45 spots available? In this motivation letter, you also have the opportunity to add further information that you think might be relevant, such as professional experience as well as your personal interests. It is beneficial if you can prove this, e.g., with certificates, etc.The motivation letter should answer the following questions:Why did you decide for the SBWL?What qualifies you for the SBWL?How did you achieve these qualifications?
Part 3Assignments: A literature-based discussion on current issues in Marketing and Consumer ResearchTo prove your interest as well as your qualifications, you will also answer five open-ended questions in writing through a submission form provided on learn@WU.Academic articles: Two of these questions refer to two academic articles, which are provided as a download as soon as the application period for the respective term has opened.Literature-based discussion: Three, more general questions, cover small assignments regarding Marketing and Consumer Research.To be prepared to answer these questions, we refer you the following literature (which can be accessed as e-books via WU library):Kotler, Philip/Armstrong, Gary/Opresnik, Marc Oliver (2021). Principles of Marketing (18e, Global Edition.). Harlow, England: Pearson., Wayne D./MacInnis, Deborah J./Pieters, Rik (2013). Consumer Behavior (Sixth Edition, International Edition.). Mason, Ohio: South-Western, Cengage Learning. completing the assignments, you are allowed to use the recommended literature or any other literature you wish to consult.

Application Procedure Marketing and Consumer Research

Step 1Registration - eVVZRegister for the course “Access to Specialization in Business Administration: Marketing and Consumer Research“.
Step 2Uploading of documents on learn@wuAs soon as you are registered for the course, you can find all respective documents, academic articles, submission forms, etc. on learn@WU. Submission of your application is open for one week.  
Step 3Decision on admissionAs soon as the time window for application closes, we will examine all application documents submitted via learn@WU.We will inform you shortly after, whether you have been accepted to Marketing and Consumer Research.

Winter term 2021/22:

Application to the specialization Marketing and Consumer Research is open from August 31st until September 7th, 2021, 23:59.

We are looking forward to your application and wish you luck!