Our institute contributes towards bachelor, master, doctoral, and executive education.  Our aim is to impart conceptually and practically relevant marketing knowledge on theoretical and methodological basis together with provision of applied teaching complying with the highest standards (or best industry practice). We initiate a dialog with students, academics and practitioners to bridge the gap between theory and practice. We provide our students with significant and industry relevant qualification levels that supports the development of outstanding careers.



SBWL Consumer Research & Marketing Communication


Marketing Together with institutes of the Marketing Department

PhD & Doctoral

For Social and Economic Sciences

Marketing Insights - Praxisdialog

Transfer of knowledge between science and practice

For Bachelor students we provide the SBWL "Consumer Research & Marketing Communication". This course was often evaluated as one of the best at WU.

Our graduates are well prepared for their future careers. Many of our alumni have made successful careers in different areas of marketing. They testify to the excellent quality of education they received at our institute.

Members of our institute are also involved in the Master program Marketing with key courses such as “Consumer and Buyer Behaviour” or “Marketing Communication”.

For PhD and Doctorial students we regularly offer seminars for “scientific discourse”. Together we support and develop the talents and skills of our participants for scientific work and prepare them to deliver an excellent dissertation.

We offer the so called Praxisdialog - Marketing Insights. This is a lecture series in which renowned practitioners present themselves, their career and particularly important and interesting insights from various economic fields.