Scientific Community Service

Members of the m.core insti­tute are actively cont­ri­bu­ting to the scien­tific commu­nity in multiple ways. We are part of the scien­tific commu­nity through multiple inter­di­sci­pli­nary memberships. Inter­na­tional jour­nals, confe­rences, and grant schemes regu­larly ask us to provide profes­sional reviews when deci­ding about whether or not to accept or fund a rese­arch project, publi­ca­tion or presen­ta­tion. Of course we also set our own initia­tives by orga­ni­zing symposia, confe­rences, special issues and work­shops.

Also the rese­arch seminar series held by WU's marke­ting depart­ment support the inter­na­tional academic exch­ange between outstan­ding inter­na­tional rese­ar­chers and young scien­tists.

Orga­niza­tion of Scien­tific Events

  • 2017: Inter­na­tional work­shop "The Future of Ownership Rese­arch", WU Vienna

  • 2016: Orga­niza­tion of the Consumer Beha­vior Track on the AMS Confe­rence (Academy of Marke­ting Science Annual Confe­rence), Orlando

  • 2015: Confe­rence Sympo­sium: To have or to be: the influ­ence of (psycho­lo­gical) ownership on economic beha­vior, VHB (Tagung des Verbandes der Hoch­schul­lehrer für Betriebs­wirt­schaft), Vienna

  • 2015: Orga­niza­tion of the Inter­na­tional Confe­rence for Consumer Psycho­logy (SCP), Vienna

  • 2015: Special Issue in the Journal of Beha­vioral and Expe­ri­mental Econo­mics: The two Faces of Ownership

  • 2014: Confe­rence Sympo­sium: Ownership as a Psycho­lo­gical Pheno­menon: ICAP (Inter­na­tional Congress of Applied Psycho­logy), Paris

  • 2014: Launch of our blog: thesci­en­ceo­fow­nership.org

  • 2013: Inter­na­tional work­shop on ownership, WU Vienna