The range of publi­ca­tions, projects and scien­tific roles (memberships at edito­rial boards, review boards and juries) high­lights our enga­ge­ment in paying testi­mony to this commit­ment.

We publish in leading inter­na­tional jour­nals such as Inter­na­tional Journal of Adver­ti­sing, Journal of Economic Psycho­logy, Journal of Expe­ri­mental Social Psycho­logy, Judgment and Deci­sion Making, Marke­ting Letters or Orga­niza­t­ional Beha­vior and Human Deci­sion Processes.

We run our own blog: thesci­en­ceo­fow­nership.org and regu­larly publish inter­views of well esta­blished rese­ar­chers, provide lite­ra­ture and announce Events.

To see all publi­ca­tions of the entire insti­tute please visit this site.

Featured publi­ca­tions (tba):