m.core’s general rese­arch approach

It is no co-in­ci­dence that the word rese­arch already forms part of the insti­tute’s name. We are uniquely posi­tioned for inter­di­sci­pli­nary rese­arch. Our team is composed of psycho­lo­gists, marke­ters and commu­ni­ca­tion specia­lists who are able to provide diffe­rent perspec­tives on a diverse set of pheno­mena.

In doing so we follow our mission:

m.core’s rese­arch topics

Consumer Beha­vior &
Marke­ting Commu­ni­ca­tion &
OwnershipCommu­ni­ca­tion Stra­te­gies Adver­ti­sing & Promo­tion Packa­ging
Deci­sion Making
Finan­cial & Purchase Deci­sions
Proso­cial & Sustainable Beha­vior
Sharing & Parti­ci­pa­ting
Product Expe­ri­ence & Design
Sensory Marke­ting
Methods & Tools
quan­ti­ta­tive and quali­ta­tive rese­arch, lab and field expe­ri­ments, survey and longi­tu­dinal studies, measu­re­ment and scale deve­lop­ment, struc­tural equa­tion mode­ling, psycho-­phy­sio­lo­gical and neuro­sci­en­tific measu­re­ment


scien­tific commu­nity

m.core and its members are actively engaged with the scien­tific commu­nity. Our enga­ge­ment comprises 5 main pillars:

  1. We colla­bo­rate. We actively colla­bo­rate with rese­arch part­ners from all over the world and conti­nuously grow our rese­arch network.

  2. We review. We frequently cont­ri­bute to the scien­tific commu­nity by serving as reviewers and on edito­rial boards of inter­na­tional jour­nals and funding schemes.

  3. We orga­nize. We provide a plat­form for key rese­arch topics by orga­ni­zing events, sympo­siums and special publi­ca­tions.

  4. We are present. We repre­sent WU at various inter­na­tional and national work­shops and confe­rences.

  5. We engage. We are members of numerous inter­na­tional rese­arch orga­niza­t­ions.