ivm Teaching

The Inter­di­sci­pli­nary Insti­tute of Manage­ment and Orga­ni­sa­tional Beha­viour offers a busi­ness admi­nis­tra­tion Specia­li­sa­tion (SBWL): Manage­ment and Orga­ni­sa­tional Beha­viour (VOM). Specia­li­sa­tion is intended to help students gain social and systemic skills.

After comple­tion the SBWL, students should know how to use the acquired skills to increase their sensi­ti­vity and effec­tiveness in the diagnosis and hand­ling of social processes. The skills gained should enable graduates to sustain­ably activate indi­vi­duals and/or groups for the purpose of achie­ving specific goals, and to exert a posi­tive influ­ence on the viabi­lity of formally orga­nized social systems.

Course mate­rial is presented from both a theo­re­tical and a prac­tical approach. Rese­arch projects span­ning a two-­se­mester period are conducted, fami­li­a­ri­zing students with numerous aspects of academic rese­arch work. Members of the busi­ness commu­nity also share their insights into the profes­sional world.

The focus of the program concen­trates mainly on the connec­tions and inter­de­pen­den­cies between indi­vi­duals, orga­niza­t­ions and envi­ron­ments. The SBWL offers a ideally inte­grated educa­tional program with regard to roun­ding out a port­folio of profes­sional skills.

SBWL curri­culum for the current semester (in German): Bachelor studies.