ivm Teaching

The Interdisciplinary Institute of Management and Organisational Behaviour offers a business administration Specialisation (SBWL): Management and Organisational Behaviour (VOM). Specialisation is intended to help students gain social and systemic skills.

After completion the SBWL, students should know how to use the acquired skills to increase their sensitivity and effectiveness in the diagnosis and handling of social processes. The skills gained should enable graduates to sustainably activate individuals and/or groups for the purpose of achieving specific goals, and to exert a positive influence on the viability of formally organized social systems.

Course material is presented from both a theoretical and a practical approach. Research projects spanning a two-semester period are conducted, familiarizing students with numerous aspects of academic research work. Members of the business community also share their insights into the professional world.

The focus of the program concentrates mainly on the connections and interdependencies between individuals, organizations and environments. The SBWL offers a ideally integrated educational program with regard to rounding out a portfolio of professional skills.

SBWL curriculum for the current semester (in German): Bachelor studies.