thin­k-cell Boost your Power­Point effi­ci­ency

What is thin­k-cell?

The presen­ta­tion suite thin­k-cell serves a single purpose – crea­ting busi­ness presen­ta­tions. It is a complete set of cuttin­g-edge produc­tivity tools, each unri­valed in its scope of appli­ca­tion. It is the leading tool for consul­ting compa­nies and other profes­sional services firms. The soft­ware suits comes with three leading tools described below. In order to find out more about the product and its bene­fits please visit www.thin­k-cell.com.

thin­k-cell chart

Crea­ting data­-d­riven charts in Micro­soft Power­Point is painsta­king and cumber­some. Frequently used graphical elements are not inte­grated into the charts, auto­matic place­ment of labels does not work, and some chart types are simply not avail­able. This results in large amounts of manual work and endless adjust­ments of graphical elements.

thin­k-cell chart solves this problem. It is a powerful char­ting soft­ware that seam­lessly inte­grates with Power­Point, brings dozens of helpful unique features and can be indi­vi­dually cust­o­mized to streng­then your company's corpo­rate design. With a minimum of manual work, you get accu­rate, well-­lai­d-out and grea­t-­loo­king charts. Further­more, with thin­k-cell chart even occa­sional users can create and change charts 3-5 times faster than any Power­Point expert.

thin­k-cell round

When data is compiled for a report or Power­Point presen­ta­tion roun­ding summa­tions in Excel is a frequent problem. It is often desi­rable but diffi­cult to achieve that rounded totals match the total of the rounded addends.

thin­k-cell layout

Did you ever ask your­self why laying out presen­ta­tion slides is so time-­con­su­ming? One main problem is that you have to care­fully adjust the posi­tion of every element with the mouse, resize boxes or arrows to make text fit inside or next to them or adjust table column widths by hand. When you make a change to your slide, for example remo­ving or adding an element or editing the text, you often need to read­just the whole layout to make ever­y­thing fit again.

thin­k-cell layout will solve this problem with its revo­lu­tio­nary smar­t-grid user inter­face. It will provide you with a library of presen­ta­tion elements exactly matching the profes­sional's presen­ta­tion needs. You simply drag these smar­t-­ele­ments onto the slide and snap them into an adap­tive grid. All elements adjust their size and posi­tion auto­ma­ti­cally accor­ding to their content, yet they main­tain the layout you defined.

What are the main bene­fits?

Ease of use and full inte­gra­tion into Micro­soft Office

thin­k-cell is built on the simple concept of direct mani­pu­la­tion, making all func­tions avail­able right with the objects to which they apply. In addi­tion, all fami­liar Power­Point and Excel features remain avail­able. With a few hours of hand­s-on expe­ri­ence, anyone can become a profi­cient thin­k-cell user.

Exten­sive auto­ma­tion to foster effi­ci­ency and quality

A study proved that even a senior Power­Point expert can realize an effi­ci­ency gain of a factor of 3 to 5 when using thin­k-cell compared to the exis­ting best prac­tice. Still, thin­k-cell produces high-qua­lity slides that are imme­dia­tely ready to use in your presen­ta­tions. So next time ever­y­thing is in a rush, your audi­ence will never notice.

Full compa­ti­bi­lity with all Micro­soft Office file formats

thin­k-cell is 100% compa­tible with the file formats of Micro­soft Power­Point and Excel. All charts and layouts are created as combi­na­tions of Power­Point shapes and Micro­soft Graph charts. If you pass slides on to others that do not use thin­k-cell, they can still edit them as if you had made them with Power­Point.

Improved colla­bo­ra­tion

Many compa­nies have marke­ting or graphics experts to create complex slides. But some­times inex­pe­ri­enced users need to edit slides them­selves and may break the best prac­tices that experts rely on. Charts may be ungrouped and scheme colors replaced by custom ones. With thin­k-cell, these problems are a thing of the past because it is so easy to use that ever­yone can make stan­dar­d-­con­for­mant edits.

How can you obtain thin­k-cell?

Our univer­sity wants to enable its active students and staff members to create outstan­ding and capti­vating Power­Point presen­ta­tions for non-­com­mer­cial, academic purposes. In order to obtain a license key, please contact our IT Services (help.wu.ac.at).