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Thomas Maidorfer, Dr.

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Thomas Maidorfer is the Head of the Strategy-Community Initiative / Wiener Strategieforum. His research focus is Supervisory Boards and Corporate Governance. He is an expert in board evaluation. In his doctoral thesis he elaborated on the effectiveness of supervisory boards. Thomas Maidorfer is teaching International Strategic Management in the Cross-Functional-Management BSc specialization at WU.

He holds a Doctoral Degree as well as a Diploma in Business Administration from WU Vienna and studied abroad at the University of Texas.

Thomas Maidorfer joined the ISM as first member in 2011 and helped growing it ever since. He is a co-founder of the platform “Österreichischer Aufsichtsratstag” where he served as a Managing Director from 2011-2015. He also co-founded the CEO-Summit “Wiener Strategieforum” ("Vienna Strategy Summit") where he serves as a Director.

Thomas Maidorfer is also an entrepreneur. He is the Managing Director of the Professional Service Firm Vienna Strategy HUB GmbH and is an active real estate investor and developer. He has equally gained experience in industry and strategy consulting. He had affiliations with BMW Group, Deutsche Bank, E.ON, Droege Group and Contrast Management-Consulting. Thomas Maidorfer had various international assignments in China, Germany and the USA.

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