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Webinar mit Prof. Dr. Deborah Schanz

02. Mai 2021

Wir freuen uns auf ein sehr interessantes Webinar mit Prof. Dr. Deborah Schanz von den LMU am 29. Juni 2021 um 10:30 Uhr!

Dear all,

It is a great pleasure for us to invite you to a

Webinar with Prof. Dr. Deborah Schanz, 

Head of the Institute for Taxation and Accounting, Munich School of Management, LMU Munich

on June 29th, 2021 from 10:30am to 11:30am

This summer we have another interesting webinar with Prof. Dr. Deborah Schanz

“Women in Research:

Creating Visibility, Reflecting the Own Role and Recruiting Female Junior Scientists”

Prof Schanz will present her view on the following three topics:

  • creating visibility outside the academic community

  • reflecting on one’s own role in a male dominated environment

  • recruiting and empowering young female scientists

Dr. Deborah Schanz is a professor for business administration at the LMU in Munich and director of the Institute for Taxation and Accounting. Before her calling to the LMU she was professor at the WHU – Otto Bensheim School of Management, Germany. She studied in Hamburg, Newcastle (UK) and Tübingen where she received her PhD. She habilitated at the University in Graz. Additionally, she gained hands-on experience as a management consultant at Deloitte in Stuttgart.

Prof. Schanz’s main research interest is in the national and international taxation of corporations. She researches tax compliance, compares different tax systems and complexities, investigates the impact of taxes on investment and funding decisions, and is interested in the fiscal profit assessment and the advancement of (international) law of taxation.

Prof. Schanz is a member of the board of the German Academic Association of Business Research (VHB) and executive board member of the TRR 266 Accounting for Transparency.

Feel free to share the announcement and we hope to see you there!

To register for this event please send us an email until June 24th, 2021:

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