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Workshop on Distributional National Accounts

When? Friday, June 7, 2019 | 11:30-19:00

Where? Vienna University of Economics and Business, AD.0.122


Distributional National Accounts (DINA) link distributional information on income, consumption and wealth to the macroeconomic System of National Accounts (SNA).

DINA provide harmonized information on the distribution of key macro-economic aggregates within the household sector. This improves macro-economic monitoring and provides the data basis to bring more heterogeneity into macro-economic models.

Already in 1955, one of the SNA’s founding fathers, Simon Kuznets, called for such distributional information. In 2019, there are still no routinely compiled DINA in most countries – but there is progress. This workshop thus brings together macro- and micro-specialists in Austria working on conceptual and empirical topics related to DINA, and aims to stimulate an exchange of ideas.

Topics covered are

  • Measurement issues on the micro- and macro side and data quality

  • Specific challenges for income, consumption and wealth

  • Micro-matching of survey data

  • Conceptual issues in the macro-micro linking process



WelcomeWelcomenoteSofie WaltlWU & LISER
KeynoteEconomic policy making in a heterogeneous world – The case for DINAAurel SchubertWU & Former Director General at the ECB
PresentationThe work of the OECD-Eurostat Expert group on Disparities in a National Accounts framework (EG DNA)Tanja JurasszovichStatistik Austria
PresentationMeasuring Household Wealth – interlinkage of micro and macro aspects  (lessons learned in Austria as part of EG-LMM)Michael AndreaschOeNB
13:20 - 14:40Lunch  
Presentation & DiscussionMeasurement Error in Survey Income DataFranziska DisslbacherAK & WU
Presentation & DiscussionThe distributional consequences of closing the micro-macro gap for
capital income in the Eurozone
Michael ErtlAK
Presentation & DiscussionDistributional National Accounts and Household Survey Data -
Methodological Issues and Results for EU Countries
Predrag Cetkovic &
Emanuel List
Presentation & DiscussionDistributional Austrian National Accounts (diAna), 2004-2016Stefan JestlWU
17:00 - 17:20Coffee Break  
Presentation & DiscussionOn top of the top: Adjusting wealth distributions with international versus national rich listsPatrick MokreThe New School
Presentation & DiscussionMultidimensional Wealth Inequality: A Hybrid Approach toward
Distributional National Accounts in Europe
Sofie WaltlWU & LISER
Presentation & DiscussionThe joint distribution of income, consumption and wealth. Statistical
matching of micro-data and the relation to macro-economic
Tanja Jurasszovich, Gregor
de Cillia & Richard
Statistik Austria
from 19:30Dinner  

Download the program here.


Participation is free of charge but registration by May 27, 2019 is compulsory. Students are welcome to join!

For content-related questions, please contact the workshop organizer Sofie Waltl (sofie.waltl@wu.ac.at). For any other issue, please contact Sarah Beran (sarah.beran@wu.ac.at). 

We are grateful to the Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour (AK) for sponsoring this event.


We can not bear the costs for the dinner.

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