SBWL Information Management and Control

General Infor­ma­tion

The SBWL Infor­ma­tion Manage­ment and Control is a Specia­liza­tion Program consis­ting of five courses equa­ling 10 semester hours and 20 ECTS credits for the Bachelor Program in Busi­ness, Econo­mics and Social Sciences. It is offered to students majo­ring in Busi­ness Admi­nis­tra­tion, Inter­na­tional Busi­ness Admi­nis­tra­tion or Infor­ma­tion Systems. All courses of the SBWL are "prüfungs­im­ma­nent" accor­ding to its exami­na­tion mode A ("Prüfungs­modus A"). This means that each course is indi­vi­dually graded based on at least three diffe­rent assess­ment criteria.

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Admis­sion to the specia­liza­tion is compe­ti­tive and further requi­re­ments are needed in addi­tion to the stan­dard prere­qui­sites for admis­sion to busi­ness admi­nis­tra­tion specia­liza­t­ions. Prio­rity will be given to students of the Studi­en­zweig WI. The assi­gn­ment of places will be based on study success in terms of a grade average over the follo­wing selected exams, which all need to be completed for admis­sion:

  • STEOP exams

  • Betrieb­liche Infor­ma­ti­ons­sys­teme I (BIS I)

  • Accoun­ting & Manage­ment Control (AMC I)

  • Accoun­ting & Manage­ment Control (AMC II)

  • Wirt­schafts­pri­vat­recht I (WiRe: Zivil­recht)

In addi­tion, the follo­wing exams will be consulted, if completed by the candi­date. It is not manda­tory to complete these exams, but their successful comple­tion will streng­then the case for admis­sion:

  • Fremd­spra­chige Wirt­schafts­kom­mu­ni­ka­tion I

  • IS Projekt­ma­nage­ment

  • Grund­züge der Model­lie­rung

  • Betrieb­liche Infor­ma­ti­ons­sys­teme II (BIS II)

Courses of the specia­liza­tion are taught in English or German. To complete the SBWL candi­dates are required to be profi­cient in English AND German spea­king, writing and reading.

Please note that co-re­gis­tered students (students who register single courses at WU on behalf of their main degree at another primary univer­sity) cannot join sequen­cing courses. Students have to pass the basic courses before being allowed to attend specia­liza­tion courses. We are very sorry, but we have to sign out all co-re­gis­tered students from these courses.


The SBWL IMC can help you prepare with the advanced manage­ment skills and IT under­stan­ding needed to become a senior manager, auditor, analyst, controller or deci­sion maker in the Infor­ma­tion Systems Manage­ment field. The specia­liza­tion is desi­gned speci­fi­cally for those with an inte­rest in combi­ning manage­ment with IT in attempt to achieve stra­tegic and perfor­mance objec­tives in a variety of orga­niza­t­ional settings inclu­ding busi­nesses, govern­ment and non-­pro­fits. The course inte­grates various mana­ge­rial dimen­sions for deve­lo­ping IT and opti­mi­zing IT opera­tions. You will not only focus on tradi­tional effi­ci­ency and effec­tiveness conside­ra­tions, but also, for example, on inno­va­tion capa­bi­li­ties, IT comp­li­ance, infor­ma­tion secu­rity, matu­rity levels, and envi­ron­mental IT sustaina­bi­lity. The specia­liza­tion is of parti­cular import­ance at this moment in time, when orga­niza­t­ions are pres­sured by weak­e­ning markets and scarce capital resources, while beco­ming incre­a­singly depen­dent upon IS perfor­mance.

Educa­tional Aims

  • Know how to make the right deci­sions that lead to high perfor­mance in IT projects and opera­tions.

  • Under­stand the typical infor­ma­tion systems, infor­ma­tion assets and infra­struc­ture in contem­porary busi­ness.

  • Develop manage­ment skills while deepe­ning your know­ledge of infor­ma­tion systems

  • Deliver inno­va­tions through projects in infor­ma­tion systems, IT processes and services, either inter­nally or as an outside consul­tant.

  • Under­stand how IS can be evaluated, controlled and audited.

  • Apply frame­works and methods to contem­porary IS appli­ca­tions.

  • Acquire critical skills to prepare you for a senior-­level posi­tion, such as Chief Infor­ma­tion Secu­rity Manager, IT stra­te­gist, or IT risk manager.

Recom­mended Course of Study and SBWL Struc­ture

The program struc­ture of the specia­liza­tion allows students to complete within two semes­ters. The necessary condi­tion to enroll courses 2 to 5 is the successful comple­tion of course 1. It is advised to take course 2, the second foun­da­tion course, imme­dia­tely after passing course 1.

Picture showing SBWL Course Overview

Job Profiles

Our specia­liza­tion program should provide students with a number of diffe­rent career options, e.g.:

  • IT Manager / Deci­sion Maker

  • IT Project or Program Manager

  • IT Auditor

  • IT Change and Inno­va­tion Manager

  • IT Consul­tant

  • IT Secu­rity Manager

  • Infor­ma­tion/IT Quality Manager

  • IT Risk Manager

  • IT Stra­te­gist

More infor­ma­tion is provided by our student testi­mo­nials.