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Martin Fraissler

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Dr. Martin Fraissler, M.Sc., MIM

Office: D1, 3.078
Office Hours: Wednesday 10.00-11.00

Phone:   +43-1-31336-6254
Fax:  +43-1-31336-90-6254


Position at IIB, other positions and academic career

Martin has been a third-party funded Assistant Professor at the IIB since March 2021. He earned his doctorate (PhD equivalent) at WU with a dissertation on political risk in internationalization, focusing particularly on electoral uncertainty. Martin also holds an MSc and a CEMS MIM in International Management, as well as a BSc in Economics and Social Sciences. Previously to joining the IIB as an Assistant Professor, Martin worked as a project leader (“Engagement Manager”) for the international consulting company McKinsey & Company, where he served clients globally across a wide spectrum of industries and functions. In his classes, Martin combines his academic and practical experience and teaches internationalization strategy, political risk, and structured problem solving. In addition, Martin is the main responsible for the day-to-day coordination of a third-party funded initiative to promote international growth of Austrian SMEs.

Research interest

Martin’s research covers international political risk, strategy and research methods. In international political risk, Martin investigates the interaction between external uncertainties, such as elections or corruption, and the internationalization behavior of firms. His research in strategy deals with political capabilities and resources of firms, including lobbying and other forms of political finance, as well as the interaction between CSR initiatives and political agendas of multinational firms. Martin also works on research methods for international business and applications of artificial intelligence in multinational companies. Martin’s research was, among others, awarded the AIB Best Paper Award 2019, and nominated for the 2019 AOM Carolyn B. Dexter Award.