Cross-Functional Management: Strategic Management and Strategic Leadership

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B. Sporn

Univ. Prof. Dr. Barbara Sporn is the Academic Lead of the Strategic Management and Strategic Leadership core field, which is part of the newly reformed Cross-Functional Management (CFM) programme. CFM is a specialisation in the International Business Administration (IBW) major in the Bachelor’s Program in Business, Economics and Social Sciences. The courses that are part of the CFM programme are tailored to WU undergraduate students pursuing a major in IBW, and to incoming students from WU’s 250 partner universities.

The Strategic Management and Strategic Leadership core field embraces the expertise and knowledge of two Institutes – the Institute for Higher Education Management (IHM) and the Institute for Strategic Management (ISM). IHM is led by Univ. Prof. Dr. Barbara Sporn, professor at WU, who brings to the course portfolio 13 years of extensive leadership experience as former Vice-Rector. ISM is managed by Univ. Prof. Dr. Werner Hoffmann, professor at WU, and Managing Partner of Contrast EY Management Consulting. ISM brings a wealth of consulting experience to the course portfolio. Due to this close collaboration, students will have the opportunity to learn about fundamental theories and concepts of strategy and leadership as applied to different organisational contexts.

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Strategic Management and Strategic Leadership Core Field Structure


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