Research Program: Open Innovation

Open innovation has received increased attention from scholars and practitioners alike over the last decade. The core tenet of open innovation research is that environmental uncertainty and the complexities of innovation have led to increased permeability of organizational boundaries and thus require companies to interact with their stakeholders along the innovation process in more open ways.

This initiative takes point of departure in two paradigm-shifting phenomena: (1) the shift from closed and producer-centered towards open and user-centered innovation processes, and (2) the shift from vertical integration towards complex business ecosystems.
The initiative aims to enhance our understanding on how organizations may best manage the opportunities and threats induced by these phenomena with a specific focus on implications for strategy and organization design.

The IfSTO is an integral part of the Open and User Innovation Society. Around 200 researchers from various disciplines (such as innovation management, health, strategic management, organization, design, marketing, entrepreneurship, and public policy) meet annually, in order to exchange recent research findings and plans related to Open and User Innovation. Besides our project-related collaborations (see above) we are especially thankful for the continuous support of our longterm advisors and friends:

Carliss Y. Baldwin

Harvard Business School

Eric von Hippel

MIT Sloan School of Management

Karim Lakhani

Harvard Business School

Charles Snow

PennState Smeal College of Business