SBWL International Business

Voraussetzungen und Zulassungsverfahren zur SBWL International Business
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Skill Seminar: The Rules of the Game (on Startups and Kitchen Tables) This lecture isall about pitching your project to investors and business partners. Variousstructural approaches to pitch decks, its key success factors as well as thedos and don’ts of pitching to top investors will be discussed.
International Innovation Management International innovation enables firms to penetrate new markets and achieve higher margins. Covering different industries, this course will deal with innovation dynamics as well as deriving and implementing innovation strategies.
Intra- and Entrepreneurship in an International Context “Intra- and Entrepreneurship in an International Context – How to beat the giants” is a CEMS course which is taught co-taught by two experienced entrepreneurs with lots of experience in Austria and abroad. The course aims at developing the students’ international entre- and intrapreneurial thinking. It will help to understand why some young businesses conquer the global market place and outperform existing market players while others fail. The course uses not only classical case studies but also enables students to work with current startups in Austria