Family Business Network Austria

Philo­sophy of the FBN

The inde­pen­dent chapter Austria uses the advan­tages of inter­na­tional networ­king through the Family Busi­ness Network Inter­na­tional to respond to specific needs of Austrian members.


  • Promo­tion of expe­ri­ence exch­ange – best prac­tice

  • Events to spread know­ledge

  • Promo­tion of rela­ti­ons­hips between members

  • Support in succes­sion issues – “next gene­ra­tion”Lobbying through public rela­tions


  • Commu­ni­ca­tion, cros­s-border and world­wide

  • Specific Austrian events, as well as inter­na­tional events

  • World­wide, high-­level meetings

  • Semi­nars and work­shops

  • FBN World Summit

  • Scien­tific programs

  • Programs to exch­ange infor­ma­tion for succee­ding gene­ra­tions

  • Public rela­tions for a more posi­tive image of family busi­nesses

  • Repre­sen­ta­tion in poli­tics


  • To profit in society through colla­bo­ra­tion

  • To use inno­va­tions which occur during the succes­sion from one gene­ra­tion to the next

  • To keep tradi­tional values and also consider new deve­lop­ments, or: “not worshiping the ash, but deli­vering the fire.”

  • To provide a plat­form with the biggest possible know-how in heri­tage and succes­sion matters. Every case is indi­vi­dual and diffe­rent, but there are still lots of commo­na­li­ties.


The FBN Austria orga­nizes events for members on a national basis in well-k­nown member busi­nesses and arranges meetings with presen­ta­tions and reports from expert econo­mists.

Inter­na­tio­nally, there is an annual high-­level global summit orga­nized by the FBN Inter­na­tional. Parti­ci­pants get the possi­bi­lity to learn from and with each other and meet diffe­rent family busi­ness cultures and customs from all over the world.

Three times a year, inter­na­tional events for the young gene­ra­tions are orga­nized by the FBN Next Gene­ra­tion.


Mag. iur. Claudia Illich­mann
Schwarz­strasse 17
5020 Salz­burg

e-mail: office­@fb­n-aus­tria.com
T: + 43 664 / 88 63 38 56
F: + 43 662 / 8686 - 4099

Presi­dent: KR Hein­rich Spängler, Bank­haus C. Spängler Co.,Salz­burg Vice Presi­dent: DI Paul Senger-Weiss, Gebrüder Weiss, Bregenz