WU matters. WU talks. "The Cost of Destroying the Death Star"

Im Rahmen der Veran­stal­tungs­reihe WU matters. WU talks. findet am 8. Jänner 2019 um 18 Uhr im Fest­saal der WU Wien die Public Lecture des Depart­ments of Finance, Accoun­ting and Statis­tics. Dabei wird das Thema "The Cost of Destroying the Death Star" mit promi­nenten Gästen disku­tiert.

Zachary Fein­stein, Ph.D., Professor, Washington Univer­sity in St. Louis

Univ.Prof. Dr. Birgit Rudloff, Insti­tute for Statis­tics and Mathe­ma­tics, WU
Dr. Martin Summer, Head of the Economic Studies Divi­sion, OeNB

Datum: 8. Januar 2019

Beginn: 18:00

Ort: Fest­saal 1, Campus WU, Gebäude LC, Fest­saal 1

Da es im Fest­saal 1 eine begrenzte Anzahl an Sitz­plätzen gibt, gilt bei der Sitz­platz­wahl das „First Come First Served“-Prinzip.

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The Cost of Destroying the Death Star

Do the laws of mathe­ma­tics apply a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away? And do they reveal Emperor Palpa­tine's secret plan to guarantee that the Rebel Alli­ance could never dethrone him? We will discuss the finan­cial reper­cus­sions of the destruc­tion of two fully armed, opera­tional, moon-­sized battle stations ("Death Stars") within a 4-year period and the disso­lu­tion of the galactic govern­ment in Star Wars. We will consider the costs of buil­ding two Death Stars, the value of the Gross Galactic Product, the scale of the galactic finan­cial sector, and the finan­cial crisis gene­rated by the destruc­tion of the second Death Star. We conclude with the bailout the fledgling New Repu­blic would need to provide in order to prevent a galactic great depres­sion.

Der Vortrag wird in engli­scher Sprache gehalten!

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