Meet our E&I student assistants

05. Juni 2021

Get a glimpse into what this semester's student assistants are working on.

At E&I student assistants play an important role. Each semester, several student assistants support the institute to improve our teaching or to assist in research. If you are interested in becoming an assistant as well: here is a sneak peak how this job can look like. Open positions will be posted on our website regularly.

Liliia Akatova

Currently student assistant for: Shtefi Mladenovska

I am a 2nd-year business & economics student passionate about sustainability and research. Besides studies, I work as a student assistant for the E&I Institute and volunteer for a sustainability-driven student organisation oikos Vienna as Head of International. 

I am working on identifying relevant scientific papers, creating tables with key information on empirical studies in the field of Open Innovation, looking for potential expert interviewees for qualitative studies, transcribing interviews etc. 

In my free time, I like learning languages (currently Spanish and Scottish Gaelic), playing the ukulele, going for a swim/run, and hiking. I am also a big fan of sustainable tourism and would like to start writing about my adventures.

Ing. Tobias Holzinger, BSc (WU)

Currently student assistant for: Richard Olbrecht

I am the CEO of a social tech start-up, which was founded by a fellow student and me during the E&I garage course. Consequently, I do not only bring experience in entrepreneurship and actually founding a company but also in managing radical innovations and R&D intensive projects. Besides my start-up experience, I was also able to acquire experience in finance as deputy team leader of the treasury department in the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance.

My tasks include: Assistance in research, digitization and evaluation of courses for both BBE and E&I students, preparation of scientific blog posts.

If I'd have a superpower I'd like to know what people think or rather what they want. That would make everything a lot easier.

Carl Horlacher

Currently student assistant for: Benjamin Monsorno

I'm a business bachelor student, who's looking forward to the end of this pandemic, as I'm currently stuck between zoom and teams calls and therefore can't tell so much about myself.

As a student assistant I am supporting Benjamin with research in the field of Crowdsourcing, additionally I am helping to develop a new lecture for the SBWL.

Moreover, I am a passionated runner, photographer and chef.

Lisa Stadlmayr 

Currently student assistant for:Linn Kretzschmar

I am originally from Upper-Austria, where I still enjoy spending my holidays and not too busy weekends during the semester, catching up with friends and taking advantage of the surrounding lakes and mountains. I appreciate few things more than spontaneously hopping on a flight to anywhere, going on 6 a.m. morning runs along the Danube and eating as much Kaiserschmarrn as I possibly can. Other than that, I have a weird obsession with receiving emails and letters.

I am currently translating ideas that have been submitted on a crowdsourcing platform (from German into English) and gathering additional data on various crowdsourcing contests. Lately, I have also been involved in setting up the E&I Course-O-Meter.

Gunther Winkler

Currently student assistant for: The Social Media Team

I'm a final-semester bachelor's student at WU, starting my master's in Strategy, Innovation and Management Control this fall. I'm a student assistant at E&I the third semester running, managing our social media channels since February 2020. During my studies I gained experience both working in a startup and leading a student organization. I love learning about random things, currently my two main areas of interest outside of business and entrepreneurship are exercise science and the history of the first and second world war.

My tasks include:Creating and posting content on our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages, supporting the E&I Touchdown team (mainly in graphic design)

If I had a superpower I would have a superbrain like Eddie Morra on NZT in the movie Limitless, because then I could learn anything.

E&I student assistants
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