E&I Specialization Presentation and Virtual Q&A

09. Juni 2020

Learn more about our specialization in a new presentation and join our Q&A on June 16th

Due to the Corona crisis, the usual specialization fair (SBWL Messe) cannot take place.
Here you can download a presentation with audio narration by Prof. Nikolaus Franke introducing our specialization: E&I Specialization Presentation

To introduce our specialization and to answer all questions you might have, we will hold a virtual Q&A session via MS Teams on Tuesday, June 16th.


16:00 Welcome and introduction to the specialization by Prof. Nikolaus Franke

16:30 Current students of the E&I specialization will talk about their experiences and answer questions

Faculty of our specialization will be available until 17:30 to talk to you and answer questions

How to join:

Join our session on MS Teams via this link: https://short.wu.ac.at/eandi

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