E&I Lead Student Meeting

05. Jänner 2021

At the end of a very special year, the E&I Institute once again invited to its traditional Lead student meeting.

On December 17, 2020, ten of the most motivated and diligent E&I students participated in the online event, where they had the chance to interact with the head of the institute, Prof. Nikolaus Franke and the institute’s staff to discuss their ideas to ensure a continuously high quality of the E&I specialization. Due to the prevailing circumstances, discussion topics included new ways to facilitate distance learning, novel approaches to communication and how to maintain a strong E&I community. The evening and fruitful discussion sessions were moderated by Erik Kommol, Benjamin Monsorno, Klaus Marhold as well as Linn Kretzschmar and resulted in a plethora of novel ideas for the institute, which are currently discussed and evaluated internally.

This way, we would also like to thank our E&I lead students again for their dedication and valuable input!

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