E&I at the CIE Symposium 2019

28. Oktober 2019

On the 26th of October, the CIE (Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship) Symposium was held at WU. The symposium was jointly organized by WU’s Department of Strategy and Innovation (Prof. Grabner, Prof. Franke, Prof. Lettl) and the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. It brought together researchers from disciplines such as Accounting, Strategy, Innovation Studies and Entrepreneurship who discussed thematic and methodological overlaps and the role that creativity plays in their respective fields.

E&I faculty Kathrin Reinsberger and Klaus Marhold presented ongoing research on Crowdsourcing and Technological Entrepreneurship while Prof. Nikolaus Franke, as one of the organizers, gave a keynote speech on “Creative (?) Ways to Research User Creativity: Some Experiences”. The event was a great chance to highlight the diversity in both research topics and methodology of the E&I Institute and to network with researchers both from within our university as well as other institutions from across Europe and the US.

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