Podcast: Behind the scenes of E&I with Professor Franke

28. Oktober 2020

Dr. Florian Kandler – the Pitch Doktor – regularly invites guests from the entrepreneurship scene to his podcast “Gründer and Zünder”.

This time, the Pitch Doktor met the Entrepreneurship Professor. His guest was Prof. Franke, the director of the E&I Institute and a well-known researcher in the field of Open and User Innovation.

You might know a little bit about Prof. Franke and our institute, but definitely not enough to miss this podcast interview, in which he gives insights into

  • The beginnings of E&I

  • The challenges he had to deal with when establishing Entrepreneurship education at WU

  • How a normal business day for him looks like.


Check out the podcast and get a better insight into our institute and the motivation and passion we are bringing to the entrepreneuship scene.

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