Bachelor Thesis Opportunities as Part of an Ongoing Project

10. Februar 2021

As part of an ongoing project on the topic of educational technologies and new ways of learning, we are looking for students who want to write their bachelor thesis in one of the following fields:

  1. Gamification 
    Increasingly, learning content is delivered in fun ways, replacing boring learning videos with short and interactive lessons, that are more appealing and that motivate the learner. Possible thesis topics could be a literature review on the benefits and pitfalls of this (does it really lead to better learning outcomes), or a market overview of the most promising ideas and technologies in this space.  

  2. Learning in companies 
    How do companies organize the continuous learning activities for their employees? Which role do LMS (learn management systems) play in companies? 

  3. Social learning and communities 
    Which role do online communities play in learning? How can communities improve the learning in online courses? 

  4. VR and Learning 
    When will VR play a major part in learning (future prognosis)? Which are emerging technologies related to VR and Learning (e.g. haptic feedback)? Which kinds of learning benefit the most from VR? 


The bachelor thesis topics can be tailored to your personal preferences and prior experiences. If you are interested in any of the topics, please contact one of the project team members: 

Caroline Fabian (

Shtefi Mladenovska (

Klaus Marhold (  

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