SIMC Master Program

The chal­lenge: growing dyna­mics and incre­a­sing comple­xity

The 21st century is charac­te­rized by chal­lenges that are unique in the history of mankind. Tech­no­lo­gical advances and social deve­lop­ments, toge­ther with a high level of inter­con­nec­ted­ness due to globa­liza­tion and the rise of the Internet are drama­ti­cally chan­ging the world's dyna­mics.

Simul­ta­neously, entre­pre­neu­rial oppor­tu­nities have never before been as great and diverse as in our times. For execu­tives to operate effec­tively in this promi­sing yet risky economic envi­ron­ment, they need to be equipped with a broad range of know­ledge and skills.

Our answer: orga­niza­t­ional leadership

The Insitut for Entre­pre­neurship & Inno­va­tion is one of the orga­ni­zing insti­tutes of the master program 'Stra­tegy, Inno­va­tion, and Manage­ment Control' which prepares tomorrow's execu­tives for their role as orga­niza­t­ional leaders. The program combines theory, prac­tice, and instruc­tion in rele­vant social skills, for an inte­grated approach to ORGA­NIZA­T­IONAL LEADERSHIP.

General infor­ma­tion on the Master Pogramme on Stra­tegy, Inno­va­tion and Manage­ment Control can be found on the Master's programms website.

For infor­ma­tion about the programme‘s offi­cial student commu­nity "SIMCon­nect" and their activi­ties please visit the SIMCon­nect hompage.

Other ressources include:

  • general orga­ni­sa­tional details on the master's thesis are avail­able here.

  • infor­ma­tion on the process of writing a master's thesis at the E&I insti­tute (master thesis guide).

  • the appli­ca­tion form for writing the master's thesis at the E&I insti­tute

  • a list of rese­arch inte­rests of our assis­tants and poten­tial topics for master's thesis

  • concluded master's theses

  • concluded diploma theses (pre 2014)