E&I Ambassadors

If you have not yet found the information you need about the Entrepreneurship & Innovation specialization (E&I SBWL) on our website, or have some questions about the program, feel free to contact an E&I ambassador.

The E&I Ambassadors are current and former students of the SBWL and can give you first-hand insights into our specialization based on their personal experience. In addition, they are happy to provide you with support during your application phase.

I started the SBWL in summer semester 2019 and I was totally enthusiastic from the beginning. In the project courses Innolab and Leadership & Startup Management I not only gained a lot of experience, but also made important professional contacts. In addition to the incredibly interesting content and exciting courses, I was particularly impressed by the E&I community. Since the kick-off, I have been meeting over and over again different and highly motivated people who pursue similar goals and want to achieve and move things together.

Corinna Petru (h11772090@s.wu.ac.at)

My name is Janine, I am a business law student and have already absolved the specialisation. At E&I, I loved most the project courses as they enabled me to learn hands-on entrepreneurial theories and work with interesting individuals as well as entrepreneurs while writing my own business plan or coaching first semester students writing their business plan. I decided to become an ambassador for E&I to encourage young students to apply for the specialisation like one of the former E&I students encouraged me to apply. Otherwise, I would not have spent fascinating semesters with entrepreneurship and innovation.

Janine Jira (janine.jira@s.wu.ac.at)

Hi, my name is Lara and I have already completed my bachelor‘s specializing in E&I and International Business. I took InnoLab and Consulting as project courses, which I can both recommend. Especially Consulting is a lot of work, however, it certainly pays off. During my bachelor’s I spent one semester in Canada, supported the WU Entrepreneurship Center for about two years and was in the organizing team of the Entrepreneurship Avenue 2019 (which was a lot lot fun!). Currently, I’m pursuing an internship in Munich and am looking forward to start a master‘s in autumn. Shoot me a message if you have any questions - I’m happy to help out!:)

Lara Agneter (lara@agneter.at)

Hi! My name is Lenka Mirdová and I originally come from Slovakia. Living in Vienna used to be my biggest dream since I was nine, and I moved here 3 years ago. I love learning foreign languages, sport and reading. I joined E&I last semester and attended Core Lecture 1, Consulting and Zone. Honestly, Consulting project course was very time-consuming and demanding. However, I appreciate how great responsibility and opportunity was given to us. Me and my team had to step out of our comfort zone and learned really much in a relatively short time. Might you have any questions regarding my experience with E&I courses, do not hesitate to contact me!

Lenka Mirdová (mirdovalenka@gmail.com)

During E&I I learned a lot especially in the project courses, Social Entrepreneurship and Startup Management. But while you gain practical knowledge during the specialization, you also get to know so many awesome and inspiring people, many of whom I am now lucky to call friends. This is what makes E&I so special - it puts high emphasis on the community. A bit more about me: I like reading, talking and eating lunch in the sun. If you have any questions let me know :)

Riheb Hassan (riheb.hassan@s.wu.ac.at)

Hi, my name is Alexander and I am a student of business administration. Since I started my studies I have been fascinated with the topic of start-ups and innovation, so I applied for the SBWL. A decision that I did not regret at any point, the specialisation combines theory and application in a very suitable way to teach the students. Besides that I am looking forward to my exchange semester and rounding up the specialisation with course 3, where you are free to further explore the topics around E&I. If I can help you with questions or issues around the SBWL, do not hesitate to contact me!

Alexander Jerabek (alexander.jerabek@s.wu.ac.at)

Hi, my name is Philip, I am an economics and social sciences student and I joined E&I in SS2020. I attended Core Lecture 1 Business planning and Zone: Private Equity and Venture Capital. During my studies at WU I was always missing the practical experience, just being an eight-digit number and blindly memorizing all subjects for the exam was not the kind of study I was looking for. That was why I signed up for E&I. My first impression after I entered the specialization was WOW. Wow because the demanded effort was huge, but also Wow because the opportunities and experience students can obtain are worth every effort. Establishing your own Start Up in Garage, searching solutions in scenario planning and giving real companies advise in consulting and business planning finally enable students with the much-needed hands on experience. For example, in the project course business planning my team and I had to investigate the aviation industry in order to advise an Austrian manufacture if they should enter into this market. That was one of the most exciting and demanding experiences I had in university so far. And if I can do it you can do it too! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding E&I and my experiences so far.

Phillip Grandl (h11737993@wu.ac.at)

I am 21 year old business law student from Lower Austria. My high ambition and creativeness lead me to apply for the E&I specialization where I am now a proud student and ambassador of Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Apart from my studies, I am an outgoing, dog loving person with a passion for music and I never refuse a chance to gain valuable new experiences. Don’t hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions, I am ready to help:)

Stephanie Casper (stephanie.casper@gmx.at)

My name is Carl, I’m doing my bachelor´s degree and I´m currently enrolled in the specialization of Entrepreneurship & Innovation. I hadn´t founded a startup when I was applying for E&I, nevertheless I thought that this specialization is the one for me. Later I realized that this is not only about your past; it is also about your potential in the future. The specialization requires a good amount work, but the outcome is more than worth it. If you have any question about the application process or later in the specialization, feel free to contact me. I´m happy to help you.

Carl Horlacher (carl.horlacher@hotmail.de)

Ambassador Coordinators:

Darya Gorlanova

Darya Gorlanova


Julian Pfeifer

Julian Pfeifer