Sommersemester 2014


One of the most crucial tasks of property management firms (Hausverwaltungen) is access control to their buildings. They constantly need to grant and revoke access rights – may it be to employees, workers, new tenants. So far this has been accomplished through conventional keys, post keys, or Begeh-Cards. But all of these have severe drawbacks: they are easily replicated without the property manager’s knowledge; they need to be passed on physically; they get lost; they are timely and costly to replace. These problems complicate the property manager’s work on a daily basis.

A better way to control building access

OpenDoor offers a better way to control building access. Through a small physical device, which is connected to the building’s intercom, the intercom goes online – and can now be controlled through the OpenDoor app. Using this app, the property manager can easily distribute and revoke access rights to anybody with a smart phone.

Our partners

The property management firm has expressed serious interest in helping OpenDoor further develop the product. Being a former user of post keys and a now dissatisfied user of Begeh-Cards, knows what the market is looking for.

Tapkey focuses on mobile access solutions for smart homes based on NFC technology. This partnership thus not only provides synergies in software development. It also enables OpenDoor to offer its solution without being dependent on a working internet connection.

What’s next for OpenDoor?

There are currently two open issues OpenDoor is working on: developing the physical device, and building the front-end of the access management software. OpenDoor is looking for partners who can help accomplishing these two tasks.

Oh and for those who wondered: OpenDoor does not interfere with any of the intercom’s previous functionalities. Your door can still be opened through the use of keys or by buzzing people in from an apartment.

Contact Person

Student Team

  • Jason Chappell (WU)
    Maria Hochstöger (WU)
    Florian Klampfer (TU)
    Philipp Omenitsch (TU)