Sommersemester 2014


Mission statement

Buttonz makes your life easier by simplifying and automating the use of the device you use the most during the day - your smartphone. Buttonz lets you focus on more important things by squeezing the valuable minutes of every hour and saving you your precious time.

Brief description

Buttonz consists of two inseparable elements: (1) device and (2) app.

The device lets you remotely control your phone in a cheap and battery-life prolonged way. It is small and flexible with regard to both the functions and its physical appearance.

<For a more detailed description of the device as well as the app please contact the contact person.>


Currently, there exists no direct competition to our product. Devices indirectly addressing the problems that we are dealing with offer no real solution, are expensive, limited by a short battery life, are intrusive, i.e. visible, and limited in features.

Market analysis

The wearable technology market is currently worth $2.5 billion and it's estimated to grow 200% by 2018.

We estimate the TOM to be 1 billion people. This is the number of smartphones sold annually - worldwide in 2013, and people with smartphones are our potential customers.

We consider 400 million customers to be our SAM. These are the smartphones technically compatible with our device, with Android or iOS. As of January 2014 Android and iOS have ~93% of the market share. Moreover, by 2018 it is predicted that 90% of the whole smartphone market will be compatible with the communication protocol we use, and so with our device.

Our SOM for first funding is between 10.000 and 20.000 people. This is the number of potential backers of our crowdfunding campaign. The estimate is made based on the success of campaigns directed at similar customer segment.

Contact Person

Student Team

  • Alejandro Benlloch (TU)
    Claudia Hirn (TU)
    Klaudia Kovacs (TU)
    Maciej Kańduła (BOKU)
    Cosima Radulescu (TU)