Wintersemester 2013 / 2014


Kunstkrew.at, an entertainment information website, offers visitors a simple, user-friendly overview of hip, cultural and artistic events happening in and around Vienna. It generates traffic first, valuation for investors and eventually profit. It enables young professionals and students to be spontaneous and raises awareness of current niche events.

The Problem

Our survey research concluded that our target group of students and young professionals lacks an easy to use website that displays and suggests new and differing events to other websites. Existing, competitive websites are generally user unfriendly and show a large portion of events that don’t fit our targeted user group.

Our Solution

The site will show events happening in Vienna sorted by time, price and category enabling users to easily find events according to their preferences. Our key competitive advantage is the spontaneity of our users, our niche events and the clear, simple structure of our website. Our focus lies on showing users what is happening in their city, today – hassle free. And hence, it will delight spontaneous, fun loving people who are looking for something other than clubbing, drinks, eating out or going to the cinema.

Why now?

The amount of apps and websites that are focused on current events has increased over the past years. Therefore it is not a question of if but rather when such a website is created, usability is increased and hence, a greater user mass is attracted.

Contact Person             

Student Team

  • Tessa Klimowicz
    Anna Pölz
    Camilla Sievers