VA Tech SFCL - Superconduction Fault Current Limiter

Sommersemester 2003 

Executive Summary 


The background of our project is the framework of the business idea “Superconducting Fault Current Limiter”. During the last term, our team was responsible for the creation of a busi-ness plan for the SFCL. Following this, the challenge in the actual term was to create a mar-keting concept for the market entry of the SFCL in Great Britain, which shall be the first mar-ket to be conquered. The marketing concept includes three mainpoints as follows: 

Key Account Customers 

Following the research work of the last term we identified the potential key account custom-ers for the SFCL in the UK. Data and background information of these key accounts was filed. Following this, the necessary human ressources for the sales team were calculated. In addition the window of opportunity for the SFCL for each of the key account customers is shown. Finally alternative customers – beside from network operators – were identified as to show the potential of the SFCL in other markets.  

Proof of Technical Efficiency 

The second mainpoint of the marketing concept deals with the technical efficiency of the product that has to be prooven to the customers. We identified the need of establishing a reference installation within the network of one of the potential customers as to be in a posi-tion to proove technical efficiency as well as stated capacity of the product. This mainpoint deals with structure and prerequisites of the sub-project “reference installation”. Questions like “which customer is suitable for installment of a prototyp?”, “which data shall be generated and which information will be communicated to the customers?”, “who will be responsible for the reference installation project within the team?”, and so on, are answered. 

Proof of Financial Rentability

For a sucessful marketing of the Superconducting Fault Current Limiter it is finally necessary to communicate the financial rentability of the product to the potential customers. Therefore a table, showing the lifecycle costs of the SFCL (in form of calculation of discounted cash flows relating to the investment) was prepared. The sales team can use these sheets to compare the purchase of a superconducting fault current limiter with the one of a new circuit breaker, as to explain the financial rentability to the customers.

Cooperation Partner

Student Team

  • Amira Gutmann
    Susanne Ines Reiss
    Mario Freissl
    Markus Krischmann