What’s better than a new customer? A repeat customer!

09. Februar 2021

Wintersemester 2020 - hello again GmbH


Project Partner

hello again operates in the mobile application sector and specializes in developing customer loyalty apps. Those apps help businesses manage their customer relationship management and are tailored to the preferences and branding of each business customer. Since 2017, hello again has already established an up-and-running system with over 300 business customers in more than eleven countries and currently employs 35 people.


The goal of this project was to develop a detailed business plan for hello again with focus on an expansion strategy for the German market.


The first step of this project was to gain a perspective of hello again’s current position in the market by studying their corporate structure, founding team, product, USPs and business model. The next step was to research the state of the loyalty app market and the main competitors in Germany and to establish the most attractive German cities for hello again using a Scoring Model consisting of multiple evaluation criteria. We took several factors into account, such as competition, ideal customer concentration, demographics, and existing start-up ecosystem. The final part of the project consisted of a sound sales and marketing strategy for hello again’s market entry, a concrete implementation plan, a financial plan based on various scenarios and a SWOT analysis.


The final results of the research indicated that the most attractive German cities for hello again’s expansion are Hamburg, Berlin, Munich. We also found that the customer loyalty app market in Germany is not yet saturated and there are not many prominent competitors, which presents favorable market conditions for hello again. Furthermore, hello again was presented with valuable information regarding their sales and marketing strategy, in the form of prospect lists, a communication strategy and valuable advice from a marketing expert who successfully established an Austrian startup on the German market. The final outcomes of the project were shared with the project partner in a concluding presentation at the end of the semester.

Cooperation Partner

  • hello again GmbH
    Dr. Herbert-Sperl-Ring 3
    4060 Leonding

Contact Person

  • Wolfgang Haidinger-Klein

Student Team

  • Hannah Höfle

  • Sebastian Hochreiter

  • Felix Scheiblauer

  • Nicholas Nitsch

  • Ferdinand Futter

  • Ralitsa Malinova

Project Manager

  • Klaus Marhold, Ph.D.

  • Erik Kommol, M.Sc.

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