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18. Februar 2020

Wintersemester 2019 - SEPA Digital


S€ is an instant payment method that allows merchants to accept and receive payments instantly. Unlike other current payment service providers, S€ delivers a reliable and cheaper payment method for businesses based on SEPA Account-2-Account transfers.

EUR transactions credited in less than 5 seconds – 24 hours a day – across 36 markets. It uses European banking standards, open interfaces and infrastructure instead of credit card company’s card schemes.

A focus on privacy and multi device support ensures a wide usage.


Nowadays, people and businesses are used to fast and easy payment processes anytime, anywhere. Following the current trend, instant payment has become a necessity rather than a complement. Current payment methods require banking credentials from buyer and seller, store personal data and take longer processing time to transfer. End-users are hesitant to process to the final stage of online payment due to the concerns of data protection, identity theft and payment provider reputation. Meanwhile, the current payment services are expensive for small businesses and merchants. As a result, many businesses are unable to capitalize the online world and fail to reach new markets.


S€ provides a reliable and easy way to integrate an instant payment service that can be used by any business to accept and receive payments instantly within the SEPA region. By integrating instant payment services to businesses products or services, they can expand their product portfolio and share any implementation risks; with the trustworthy payment service provider, end-users can make risk-free transactions without any possibility of data leakage.


In order to make S€ available for small businesses and their end-users, we talked to software and scheduling platforms that lack online payment service options. By doing so we identified the customers' needs, while also looking for potential partnerships. The scheduling platform for doctor's offices, appointmed, showed interest in integrating S€ as an additional service in their portfolio, so they can offer their customers affordable online payment options. Entering a partnership and cooperating with platforms like appointmed allows S€ to access their customer base and small businesses in need of cheap and reliable online and offline payment services. Other platforms that also showed interest in a partnership with S€ were fiskaly, doctena and helloCash.   

Competitive Advantages

In the highly competitive market of payment service providers, S€ manages to stand out as the most reliable and cheapest instant payment provider on the market. The independence of banking institutions, allows S€ to process transaction within 5 seconds and without the storage of personal data.

Business Model

S€ will charge the platforms as potential partners 1.000 EUR for the set-up and integration of the payment service. The customers have to pay 0,42 % commission for each transaction made. The return made in transaction fees will be split in 80/20 among S€ and the partner. By giving the partner 20 % of the return made in transaction fees, S€ can offer an additional incentive for platforms to promote the new online payment service. With an estimated revenue of 600 EUR per day and an initial investment of 87.000 EUR, S€ will break even in month 8 of the first operating year.

Cooperation Partner

Contact Person

Student team

  • Verena Zöhrer

  • Korab Ramadani

  • Jamilla Hung


  • Peter Keinz

  • Shtefi Mladenovska

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