06. Februar 2017

Climate-KIC / Wintersemester 2016/2017


This project was conducted in order to examine the market potential of Climate-KIC Accelerator in Austria. The project team recommends a market entry and gives a concrete action plan with the most relevant steps for a successful business operation.

Climate-KIC, an institution founded and funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, operates from various cities around Europe with its headquarters in London, England. The Climate-KIC Accelerator program supports ventures in the field of Greentech and Cleantech by providing different services, as well as financial funds. After having performed its business activities effectively in Germany and Switzerland, Climate-KIC’s aim was to join the third country within the DACH region and enter the Austrian market.

Approach and methods

The efforts of the project team include various interviews with players, experts and insiders of the Austrian entrepreneurial landscape, as well as online research and internally carried-out analysis and discussions.  

In the beginning, it was necessary for the project team to gain a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape in Austria. This goal was mainly achieved by means of a market analysis. Different players and their varying market positions were investigated. As a result, it became possible to make sense of the degree of cooperation among these players. Using the acquired knowledge, the next steps were evaluating potential synergies with players on the market and interviewing those that could bring benefits to Climate-KIC. Summing up all the findings made throughout the project, the project team developed final recommendations.


As already stated above, it is clear that Climate-KIC’s entry into the Austrian market makes sense.

For making the program as attractive as possible the team recommends a niche position strategy with a clear vision of Climate-KIC as an ambassador for sustainable entrepreneurship in Austria. Furthermore, measures for attracting investors in the very-early stage of the programme, such as inviting and integrating business angels in coachings and workshops, should be taken.

Another key to success in this undertaking will be the increase of visibility among target groups, for example serial entrepreneurs and innovative students. Therefore, the team advises establishing a strong and consistent social media appearance as well as presenting the Accelerator program in start-up and innovation focused events.

In addition to that, it will be necessary to cooperate with players that are already active on the Austrian market. Consequently, the top 3 players which Climate-KIC can benefit from most have been identified and collaboration has been prearranged.  

Cooperation Partner

  • Climate-KIC Switzerland
    Limmatstrasse 246
    CH-8005 Zurich, Switzerland

Contact Person

Student team

  • Kurpierz Anna

  • Putz David

  • Rennefeld Lukas

  • Schabauer Jakob

  • Schneider Nicola

  • Spiess Jakob


  • Bradonjic Philip, M.Sc., MIM (CEMS)

  • Mehner Barbara, M.Sc.

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