Warehouse management made simple

09. Februar 2021

Wintersemester 2020 - expressFlow GmbH


In order to stay ahead of the competition, trade companies must manage their inventory down to the smallest detail. Dozens of interdependencies have to be considered for often well over thousands of goods. This amount of data cannot be handled without the help of a warehouse management system. Unfortunately, traditional systems have failed to live up to this promise because they are either too cumbersome in use or too simplistic to cover the complex relationships between the various products. expressFlow has made it its mission to introduce a product which is the best of both of these worlds. Thus, was born.


The objective of this business plan is to introduce, a warehouse management system specifically targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises which can deal with even the most complicated product master data. This report analyzes why is ahead of its competition, what the most attractive markets are and how it will succeed in entering them.


The analysis was conducted in three consecutive steps. First a database research was performed, identifying those industries, which fulfilled both requirements of dealing with complex products as well as having a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises. Consequently, a survey was carried out, contacting in total 5.000 prospective customers in Austria and Germany. These results were then validated through qualitative interviews with representatives of the respective industries.

The insights gained were then used as a basis for the customer needs and competitor analysis, as well as the financial plan. Additionally, an evaluation of the industry structure and the corresponding macroeconomic forces was conducted to confirm the viability of the target market.


From the aforementioned analysis it was derived that perfectly covers the pain points of its potential customers. In addition, the ten most promising industries as well as the market price for software of this kind were identified. From this, the target market size was calculated amounting to € 1.300.000 per year in Austria and € 7.080.000 per year in Germany.

Due to tougher competition in Germany and an easier market entry in Austria, it is advised that expressFlow first enters the Austrian market, to build a broader portfolio and an even better reputation in its target market. Thus, consequent entry in the German market will prove to be more successful.

Based on current forecasts, it is assumed, that the product will break even in 2023 at the latest.

Cooperation Partner

Contact Person

  • Martin Vasko

Student Team

  • Lukas Burnar
    Michael Köck
    Michael Pably
    Daniel Putzer
    Jan Pytela
    Anna Thun

Project Manager

  • Erik Kommol, M.Sc.

  • Klaus Marhold, Ph.D.

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