Steering into the future with the competence compass

01. August 2021

Sommersemester 2021 / ÖBB Technische Services


ÖBB TS is the largest rolling stock maintenance company in Austria. The industry they are operating in is heavily influenced by megatrends meaning that change is inevitable. To maintain their leading position, they must adapt to those change processes. Especially relevant are the job profiles of their engineers which must be adjusted to their future tasks.


ÖBB TS needed an idea of how far the competence requirements in engineers will change over the next 5 to 10 years in order to be prepared for the future. The goal was therefore to conduct a thorough analysis to get as deep of an insight as possible into the market, as well as analogous markets and other corresponding fields such as the education sector. This way it would be possible to detect how the future job profiles will change and specific measures could be derived from that.


An extensive desk research and five interviews with ÖBB TS employees built the basis from where further analysis was started. Three interviews with education experts and a weighted trend analysis revealed internal and external factors which accelerate developments in the industry. Two interviews with experts from analogous markets indicated how relevant trends influence their respective industries and how these changes can have an impact on the rolling stock maintenance industry. After two checkup interviews with lead users a gap analysis displayed how the current competencies change and which new skills will be relevant.


The findings from the analysis were merged into a competence compass, which is shows the project partner which competences will be needed from future engineers in order to remain competitive. The compass also displays to which extent certain skills and digital tools will become more relevant than others, comparing the status quo to the future scenario. Besides the competence compass, drafts for possible future job profiles were established, providing ÖBB TS with very specific recommendations for their HR management. Above that more general recommendations were given, based on aspects that especially stood out in the research.

Cooperation Partner

  • ÖBB Technische Services GmbH
    Grillgasse 48
    1110 Vienna

Contact Person

  • Jörg Schirnhofer

  • Martina Warmuth

  • Erika Steger

Student Team

  • Stephanie Casper

  • Thomas Feichtinger

  • Defne Hüryilmaz

  • Johanna Lehner

  • Alexandra Taub

Project Manager

  • Caroline Fabian, M.Sc.

  • Tuong-Vi Sophie Quach, MA

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