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06. Juli 2020

Sommersemester 2020 - Studentisches Start-up Projekt


In this course, we went on the journey to improve the quality of education. We started by talking to teachers, who are the heart of the education system and we found a very big problem, which we could solve. In the end, we developed a solution, which combines education, gamification, and data analysis. In short, our solution is a performance tracking system in the form of a ball with an NFC reader inside, NFC wristbands and a software with educational games.


There are countless problems in education nowadays and technology penetrates this area of life relatively slowly. Our goal was to solve at least one problem of the education system. We decided to solve it for teachers and the problem we wanted to tackle was the lack of engagement in the classroom.


We primarily used the Lean Startup Canvas method. Overall, we conducted five rounds of testing and built three different prototypes. We interacted with more than 500 teachers, from which 24 interactions were 1-on-1 interviews. We will keep working on the project and the next round of testing will take place in Viennese primary schools in September.


As a result, based on inputs of teachers and experts we created a solution, which can bring joy to the classroom through educational games. Additionally, our set up allows teachers to collect valuable data and create performance reports for parents or school administrations. Our system can already be used in schools as of today; however, we still work on decreasing our unit costs and making our UI as user-friendly as possible. We managed to win two school for our pilot program in which they will be using our solution during their lessons.

Cooperation Partner

  • QuestEd

Contact Person

  • Stanislav Gogaev
    Founder of QuestEd

Student Team

  • Stanislav Gogaev 

  • Blanca Lasheras Hernández

  • Abdiwahab Matkher Adan

  • Morgan Romero

Project Manager

  • Alexander Staub
    Thomas Pannermayr
    Michael Ambros
    Michael Filzmoser

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