Pupil’s Deli – Providing healthy food for your children!

29. Juni 2016

Studentisches Start-Up Projekt - Sommersemester 2016



Since children usually lack experience and a certain level of consciousness, most of them have not build a proper understanding for a healthy diet yet. Thus, many children eat unhealthy fast food because it simply tastes good – especially in schools, where parents cannot check their kids properly. As a result, more and more children suffer from obesity, diabetes etc. which makes them become sick in ever earlier stages of their lives, which on the other hand leads to enormous costs for the healthcare system of a country. Parents who would like to ensure that their children eat healthy during school, face the problem of time constraints, since they usually have to work in full-time positions and therefore have no time to prepare healthy lunch boxes for their kids.


We want to build a delivery service that offers tailored lunch boxes where parents can choose between up to three different daily offers for their children. After choosing the type and amount of lunchboxes, parents will only have to state the exact delivery dates and our products will be delivered directly to the school of their kids, where they only have to pick it up in the morning and enjoy it during lunch. In order to ensure diversity, quality and reasonable prices, our lunch boxes will consist of selected healthy ingredients only. This solution would add strong benefits to the lives of parents: time and money saving, flexible ordering system, diversity, and, most importantly, healthier children.


In order to build an efficient and cheap delivery system, partnerships with logistics firms and local schools are key resources. Moreover, the healthy lifestyle trend must be exploited fully, which will make it easier to promote the products as well as the start-up itself. Nevertheless, profound skills in marketing, sales and planning are of high value to scale up the business model fast.


In Austria, there are 487,500 pupils, age 6-15, who represent our target group. Especially schools and pupil constitute a recurring market and therefore make the business model highly sustainable. If the idea works out in phase 1 (Vienna) it could be easily spread out to other big cities in the DACH-region in phase 2.

  • Making lives of parents easier and more convenient

  • Building a sustainable business with recurring revenue streams

  • Contributing to a healthier society

  • Promoting the healthy life style trend

Contact person

  • Esra Bellut

Student team

  • Cviko Dukanovic (WU)

  • Marcus Feistl (WU)

  • Alexander Malle (WU)

  • Esra Bellut (WU)

  • Maria Millonig (BOKU)

  • Martin Finkenzeller

  • Albrecht Karlusch

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