Printed batteries – A breakthrough in the electronics sector?

01. August 2021

Sommersemester 2021 / Varta


The full utilization and value extraction of technologies have long been among the most critical tasks among senior management in many enterprises. In order to recognize application potentials quickly and determine the directions of production in the future, numerous analytical techniques and strategic tools can be of assistance. Ultimately, the goal is to discover and evaluate opportunities and unsatisfied market needs to commercialize technologies in the best possible way.


This report aims to find commercialization possibilities for a new technology called "Printed Batteries", which is developed by VARTA AG, a well-known battery manufacturer from Germany. Furthermore, the findings of our research serve as a basis for further consideration regarding the market entry.


Throughout the whole project, the research was divided into three steps.

In the first phase, the team identified several key attributes and user benefits of the Printed Batteries to identify target groups, which could gain advantages from using this technology.

In the second phase, brainstorming and other creativity techniques were put into use to find relevant application fields. Subsequently, more than thirty qualitative interviews with experts and entrepreneurs from different branches and industries were conducted. To gain further contacts, the pyramiding technique was applied. These interviews resulted in ten preliminary ideas of feasible application fields, which were evaluated based on a strategic fit calculation. After a first presentation of the findings, two application fields were selected by VARTA AG for further investigation.

The selected application fields were analyzed, applying numerous tools such as market analysis, SWOT analysis, a value curve, and a business model canvas.


Following the final presentation, where the analyses and commercialization strategies were delivered, VARTA AG decided to investigate both application fields further. Thus, the whole project has reached its initial goal. The team is grateful for the trust and support from VARTA AG.

Cooperation Partner

  • Varta AG
    VARTA-Platz 1
    73479 Ellwangen

Contact Person

  • Jim Lefebre

Student Team

  • Team Varta

Project Manager

  • Benjamin Monsorno

  • Jakob Pohlisch

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