Paulownia Wood - Paving The Way For A Green Future

01. August 2021

Sommersemester 2021 / GLD Invest Group


Wood represents a highly demanded resource and sustainable alternative when it comes to the production of various products within different application fields. As part of their ecological project, GLD Invest Group, the company started to plant over 10,000 Paulownia trees in Croatia across a total area of 250 hectares. Although Paulownia wood has been commonly used and processed in China for several years, experiences regarding its usage in Europe is limited. However, the wood, which combines valuable characteristics such as a light weight, a low density and a high fire resistance, bears unique use benefits, which make it a promising asset within various application fields.


The predominant goal of the project has been the identification and subsequent analysis of potential application fields for products derived from Paulownia trees within the European market. The semester-long project aims to not only point out a wide range of diverse, potential application fields, but also to gain a deep understanding and profound knowledge regarding the most promising application fields and their expected future developments.


In order to identify and evaluate alternative fields of application, the so-called “Technology Competence Leveraging” method, which consists of four steps, has been utilized. First, three key use benefits of the wood were identified. Subsequently, 25 different potential application fields were pointed out and thus thoroughly analyzed. Lastly, an in-depth market evaluation of the three most promising application fields has been conducted. Expert interviews, community posts and creativity techniques formed the basis for each of the four steps and thus helped to derive insightful and valuable results.


Through a dynamic process, going back and forth between the four phases, three key markets that align with the company’s project goal emerged. The strong focus on these application fields allows GLD Invest Group to gain a deep and profound understanding of the respective markets, not only regarding the industry’s current state, but also regarding future developments as well as potential challenges and additional investments that come with a market entry. Additional strategic recommendations pave the way for GLD Invest Group’s vision of a greener future.

Cooperation Partner

Contact Person

  • Leopold Sandler

Student Team

  • Paul Bracke

  • Linda Bredimus

  • Kristóf Jakab Margitay

  • Luise Katharina Ploner

  • Lisa Stadlmayr

Project Manager

  • Quach Sophie Tuong-Vi, MA

  • Fabian Caroline, M.Sc.

  • Kretzschmar Linn, M.Sc.

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